Segue exists to help students develop and grow a faith of their own. We do this through making real connections in both small groups and corporate worship, as well as encouraging genuine relationships with other students and trustworthy adults.



Shane Kopsky is our middle school pastor and is ALL about ALL THINGS Segue. To him, all things
sports and Marvel super heroes get a big thumbs up. He and his wife Mikaila take lots of hikes
with their dog and try and catch as many rad views as possible. Shane believes that middle school
is the time to make your faith your own and everything we do in Segue is geared towards rooting
students deeply in their OWN beliefs and values. Shane can’t wait to welcome you to Segue!


  • What ages is Segue for?
    • Segue is for middle school students grades 6-8.
  • How do I find Segue?
    • The map below should help you locate where Segue meets!
  • Sunday Meeting Time
    • Segue gathers on Sunday mornings in the Upper Fellowship Hall at 11:00AM to join together in corporate worship, and we end in the Lower Fellowship Hall in small groups, which are divided by grade and gender. 
  • Wednesday Meeting Time
    • Segue meets on Wednesday evening in the Lower Fellowship Hall from 6:30PM-8PM for a time of games, fellowship, worship and teaching. 
  • Do I need to check my student in/out for Segue?
    • We do not require parents to check their middle school student in for Segue on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights. We do check the student in, but parents do not have to be present or show a receipt in order for their student to leave when the service is over.
  • What if I am in my small group during 9:30am, where does my student go?
    • Most of our Segue students sit together in the 9:30am service. Below is a picture on where our middle schoolers usually sit together.
  • What will my student be doing while in Segue?
    • On Sunday mornings, we meet in the Upper Fellowship Hall for a time of student led worship as well as interactive teaching and and we end in the Lower Fellowship Hall in small groups, which are divided by grade and gender. 
    • On Wednesday evenings, your student will participate in a night of fun and looking at God’s word. We talk about biblical topics that students are wrestling with and have fun stuff like games, videos and theme nights!
  • How do I stay connected with all things going on in student ministry?
    • We have a parent e-newsletter that lets you know what is going on in student ministry. Click here to join!
  • Segue promotion
    • For students moving into 6th grade for the 2020-2021 school year, Segue can’t wait to welcome you! August 30 will be the first Sunday that you will be in Segue the entire day!  We can’t wait to get started!