Praying Intentionally

by Jason Ervin on May 05, 2018

What does the bible say about prayer? 

We know that it is the confidence we have in approaching God.  It is how we seek the Lord’s face and strength.  It is the method by which God forgives us and can heal our land.  We can pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of request.  God hears our prayers.  We can pray when we are happy or when we are sad.  We should pray for those who persecute us.  We should do it without ceasing.  It helps us avoid temptation and seek God’s will.  Jesus did it and gave us a model of how we are to do it.  Even when we don’t know what to pray the Spirit helps us. 

There is no doubt that prayer is an essential part of the Christian Journey.  Which begs the question…why do we do it so little?  To be fair I should not presume on your prayer life but I know in my own life I have had seasons of a strong prayer life but far to often drift into a mediocre routine of format prayers that I just throw out for the occasion.  Usually its not done out of rebellion but lost in the busyness of life or out of apathy we choose not to use the great resource of prayer that God has graciously given us.  Let’s be intentional about prayer this summer!  Schedule it into your day, keep a journal, find times to get away for extended prayer sessions.  Trying to do life or ministry in our own power is exhausting…Oh God forgive me for the arrogance of trying to do things in my own strength.  Help me to seek Your face everyday!

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