Sunday Service Times;

Stronger Than Samson - 5 Week Series by: Pastor Kenny

Samson was the strongest person ever, but he was his own worst enemy. He could conquer any man, but he could not control himself. His failures show us how we can stand strong and live strong for God. By God’s grace, spiritually, we can be stronger than Samson.

8:00 a.m. - Celebration Choir and Orchestra (Blended Worship Style)

9:30 a.m - Celebration Choir and Orchestra (Blended Worship Style)

11:00 a.m - Worship Band  (Contemporary Worship Style)  (Interpreted for the deaf)

6:00 p.m - Evening Worship -Various worship styles and in-depth Bible study lead by Pastor Kenny.

7:00 p.m - Revive (College & Young Professionals Worship)
Wednesdays There's something for the whole family on Wednesdays at FBCA!
1:00 p.m - Senior Adult Prayer Service

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