Sunday Service Times;

Why Church, A Sermon Series by Pastor Kenny

When you say the word church, a lot of different images hit people’s minds. What does God say about the church? Let’s take a fresh look at the church. Let’s see its beauty, purpose and our role in it. We might just grow in and change our thinking about “Why Church?”

8:00 a.m. - Celebration Choir and Orchestra (Blended Worship Style)

9:30 a.m - Celebration Choir and Orchestra (Blended Worship Style)

11:00 a.m - Worship Band  (Contemporary Worship Style)  (Interpreted for the deaf)

6:00 p.m - Evening Worship -Various worship styles and in-depth Bible study lead by Pastor Kenny.



There's something for the whole family on Wednesdays at FBCA!

1:00 p.m - Senior Adult Prayer Service
6:30 p.m. - Revive (Collegiate Ministry 18-25)

You Can Find Us At:

2012 Missouri State Rd.
Arnold, MO 63010