Senegal- The Konyagi People Our partnership in Senegal is really a partnership with the Konyagi, an unreached people group of about 45,000 spread throughout West Africa. For a people group to be considered “unreached” it means that less than 2% are evangelical Christians. This most often happens because the people group is resistant to the Gospel or because they live in a hard to reach area. The latter case is what we have found to be true with the Konyagi in West Africa.

At FBCA, we are committed to seeing the Konyagi reached with the Gospel for the glory of God! When our first team arrived in 2009, we discovered that the Konyagi are a minority people group spread out in small pockets mostly in rural villages. In a village of 200, you might find a group of 20-30 Konyagi living among the majority people group. On rare occasions, we have found villages where the Konyagi are the majority people group.

The first mission team worked in one of these rural villages with one Konyagi family who we knew to be believers. We spent the better part of 2 years building relationships with their village while sharing the Gospel with their neighbors and anyone who would listen. After gaining a better grasp on the culture and people group, we ventured out into surrounding villages searching for more Konyagi people. We located 5 additional villages in the area with roughly 100 additional Konyagi. We spend the next year serving in these villages sharing God’s Word through oral storytelling. This proved be the most effective method since the Konyagi have no written language and many cannot read or write. God was faithful through it all and we saw about 20 Konyagi give their lives to Christ and be baptized in these 5 different villages. Progress was slow but steady and we were grateful for what God was doing among the Konyagi. But we had only seen a glimpse of God was preparing to do. In 2012, we began recording Bible stories on solar powered listening devices with the help of local Konyagi believers. After about 18 months of work, we completed a story set of close to 70 stories that we could now leave with the Konyagi when we were not there. On our first trip with this story set, we went to 2 new villages that had never heard about Jesus. Upon hearing the Gospel shared in their heart language on the listening devices, 27 of them made a profession of faith.

Since that visit, we have seen God continue to speak powerfully through His recorded Word to the Konyagi. We now currently have a relationship with 13 different villages and have seen over 100 Konyagi follow Jesus and get baptized in total. There are 10 villages meeting together for church every week where they pray, sing, and listen to God’s Word together. We now believe we are seeing God begin a church planting movement among the Konyagi.

The next step we believe God is leading us to take is to begin a formal training process for Konyagi leaders. This will give these leaders more Biblical knowledge, teach them about what it means to be a church, and how to reach out and evangelize their neighbors and community. Please pray with us that God would use these leaders to effectively lead the village churches and plant additional churches in their surrounding area. We hope you will pray and consider joining us on mission in Senegal by praying, giving, and going to see the Konyagi reached for the glory of God!

So, then…writes Paul…faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. FBC Arnold, because of your faithfulness in giving to the Missions Offering and those of you who have given specifically for the purchase of the MegaVoices there are now four, and soon to be six, of the unreached tribes in West Africa who can, for the first time, hear God’s Word in their heart language and respond to the urging of the Holy Spirit.

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